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Freedom Marketing System#

FMS Funnel Overview

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Review access: Contact me if you have 100+ affiliate sales on WarriorPlus.

In any other case: Buyers get auto-approved.

Bullet Points (For JVs & Affiliates):#

  • Proven & Complete, Truly Evergreen Marketing System
  • Simple, Highly Profitable Client Attraction & Acquisition Funnel
  • Live Case Study Included - Clients See The System In Action
  • Gets Updates Over Time - Based On Client Feedback
  • Clients Learn Solid, Proven & Evergreen Marketing Principles

FMS Funnel Overview#

  • Front-end: Freedom Marketing System ($5.60 @ 100%)
  • Order-Bump: Ultimate Marketing Vault ($7 @ 100%)
  • Upgrade 1: Secret Affiliate Insider ($9.95/mth or $97/permanent @ 50%)
  • Upgrade 2: VIP Commissions ($97 @ 50%)

Get the last upgrade (VIP Commissions) and receive 100% commissions on the entire funnel from each & every successful recommendation!

Images / Logos / Banners#

Freedom Marketing System - Logo

Freedom Marketing System

Freedom Marketing System - Logo

Freedom Marketing System - Logo

Freedom Marketing System

Freedom Marketing System

FMS Funnel Overview

FMS Banner

FMS Banner

FMS Banner

FMS Banner

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FMS Email Series#

The following is a 5-email series, covering the main challenges and benefits of the FMS, in a short, conversational tone and educational in nature, that leads back to the FMS via clear CTAs in the emails that 'get the click':

Email 1: Introduction and Addressing the Challenge#

Subject: Unveiling the Secret to Affiliate Marketing Success

Hey [Subscriber's Name],

Are you tired of the endless struggle to get your affiliate marketing off the ground?

You're not alone.

Many marketers face the same challenge: getting enough hot buyer traffic to make their efforts worthwhile.

In my journey, I've been there too, but I stumbled upon a game-changer - the Freedom Marketing System (FMS).

Let me share it with you, and you'll see how the FMS can help you overcome this challenge.

Read on to learn more ➡️ "Discover The FMS" [Link]

Email 2: Personal Success Story#

Subject: How the FMS Transformed Tim's Life and Can Transform Yours Too

Hi [Subscriber's Name],

I can't wait to tell you how the Freedom Marketing System (FMS) changed Tim's life.

Just a few years ago, he was caught in the same daily grind that most people endure. But then, he discovered the FMS (by chance!) and learned how to break free.

Today, he lives a life on his own terms, and I want the same for you.

Let me share his journey with you and show you exactly how the FMS can help you achieve the freedom you deserve.

Get inspired ➡️ "Read Tim's Story" [Link]

Email 3: The Power of Simplicity#

Subject: Keep It Simple: The Key to Affiliate Marketing Success

Hi [Subscriber's Name],

Success in affiliate marketing should be simple, right?

That's what the Freedom Marketing System (FMS) is all about – simplicity.

It's a step-by-step system designed to solve the #1 problem that all online marketers face.

But, remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch. The FMS does require some effort, but it's based on solid marketing principles that are evergreen.

Let's dive deeper into how exactly it works:

Learn more ➡️ "Simplicity For Affiliate Marketers" [Link]

Email 4: The Missing Piece in Your Online Business#

Subject: What's Been Missing from Your Affiliate Marketing Journey

Hi [Subscriber's Name],

I've been through it all - different business models, funnels, and even the shiny products pushed by self-proclaimed "gurus."

None of them truly worked until I found the missing piece – the Freedom Marketing System (FMS).

The FMS is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a proven system based on real marketing principles.

If you're ready to add passive income streams to your business, it's time to explore the FMS.

Discover the missing piece ➡️ "Explore The FMS" [Link]

Email 5: Your Ticket to Freedom#

Subject: Your Path to Total Freedom Starts Here

Hi [Subscriber's Name],

Are you ready to escape the 9-to-5 grind and achieve real freedom?

The Freedom Marketing System (FMS) is your ticket to a life on your terms. It's not just about expensive toys but true freedom in terms of location, resources, and time.

With the FMS, you'll learn to create multiple streams of passive income.

It's about leads, cash-spitting funnels, and adding real value to people's lives.

Your journey to freedom begins now ➡️ "Get Started with the FMS Today!" [Link]

More Email Swipes#

Promo-Style Email 1 (Focus: Freedom)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • Break Free Finally! With the Freedom Marketing System
  • Unlock The Freedom Path with the Freedom Marketing System!
  • Say Goodbye to the Grind: Discover Freedom Marketing System...
  • Ready to Soar? The Freedom Marketing System is Your Wings!
  • The Secret to Ditching 9-5: Freedom Marketing Unleashed!

Email body:


Tired of the daily grind?

Introducing the Freedom Marketing System – your ticket to ultimate freedom!

🚀 Quit your 9-5 job
💰 Get buyer leads on autopilot
🌟 Experience newfound freedom

Ready to trade the cubicle for your own empire?

Discover the Freedom Marketing System now: [Link]

Because if you don't, you might end up with a pet rock as your office mate. 🪨

Cheers to your great escape!
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 2 (Focus: Freedom)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • FMS: Because Freedom is WAY Better than Office Meetings!
  • No More Ties! FMS Unleashes Your Inner Office Escape Artist 🚀
  • FMS: Where Freedom and Marketing Go on a Hot Date!
  • Ditch the Suit and Tie: FMS Brings You Freedom in Pajamas!
  • FMS: The Only Time You'll Love Mondays! 😄
  • Experience True Freedom: Check this out!
  • Unlock Your Freedom: Don't Miss Out!
  • Ready for Freedom? Don't miss this one...
  • Your Path to Freedom Starts Now!

Email body:

Hey [Name],

Tired of the daily grind? Picture this: No more suits, no more dull meetings, and definitely no more "Reply All" email disasters!

Introducing the Freedom Marketing System (FMS) – your ultimate ticket to liberation! 🌟

🚀 Quit the 9-5 grind without the awkward farewell card
💼 Bid adieu to those restrictive dress codes (Pajamas, anyone?)
🤣 And say goodbye to office politics (because who needs that drama?)

With the FMS, you'll soar to new heights in your pajamas, enjoying freedom and success like never before! 🚀

Ready to ditch the corporate chaos? Click below and let the fun begin:

🌟 Embrace Freedom with the FMS: [Link]

Cheers to a life less ordinary!
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 3 (Focus: Leadgen)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • Unlock the Power of Effortless Buyer Lead Generation with the FMS!
  • Buyer Leads on Autopilot?! Hell, yeah!
  • Flood of Buyer Leads: The Freedom Marketing System
  • Get Ahead of the Competition: The FMS Puts Buyer Leads on Cruise Control...
  • Experience The Magic of Autopilot Lead Generation...
  • The Future of Marketing: The FMS Unleashes Autopilot Buyer Leads!

Email body:

Hey [Name],

Are you tired of the endless hustle to find and convert leads into buyers? We have exciting news for you!

Introducing the Freedom Marketing System (FMS), the ultimate solution for generating buyer leads on autopilot. With FMS, you can sit back and watch as your leads seamlessly transform into loyal customers.

Here's why the FMS is a game-changer:

✅ Automated Lead Generation: FMS takes the guesswork out of lead generation.
✅ Tailored Marketing: Say goodbye to generic marketing strategies that don't work. The FMS customizes your approach for effective leadgen...
✅ Time-Saving: No more manual lead hunting or tedious follow-ups. The FMS handles it all, giving you more time to focus on the good things in life. :)
✅ Really, this takes the guesswork out of online marketing and produces buyer-leads on autopilot. You've got to see and experience it for yourself!

Don't let the competition leave you behind. Try FMS today and witness the magic of automated buyer lead generation firsthand.

To get started: [Link]

Take the first step toward effortless buyer leadgen with the FMS!

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 4 (Focus: Freedom & Leadgen)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • Experience Marketing Fun and Freedom with Effortless Buyer LeadGen!
  • Your passport to Effortless LeadGen & Freedom
  • Discover the Joy of Business Fun & True Freedom with the FMS!
  • FMS: Where Business Growth Meets Effortless Marketing Fun...
  • Make Business Fun Again with the FMS Buyer-LeadGen Magic!
  • FMS: Because Business Should Be a Breeze, Not a Burden.
  • Ready for Business Bliss? Check this out...

Email body:

Hey [Name],

Imagine this: A business that runs itself, leaving you free to enjoy life's adventures. No more endless spreadsheets, cold calls, or sales funnels that feel like mazes!

Enter the Freedom Marketing System (FMS) – your passport to effortless lead generation and the freedom to savor every moment! 🚀

🌪️ Wave goodbye to the grind; FMS brings buyers to you on autopilot.
🎉 Embrace the joy of scaling your business while sipping your favorite beverage.
🌐 Expand your horizons, knowing FMS has your lead generation covered.

With FMS, business becomes a thrilling ride, not a daily chore! 🎢

Ready to make business fun and freedom a reality? Click below:

🌟 Experience Effortless LeadGen with FMS: [Link]

Cheers to a business that's as fun as a rollercoaster!
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 5 (Focus: 1 Simple System)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • Tim's Marketing Revolution: 1 Simple System Does It All!
  • Farewell, Marketing Chaos! Tim's Story of Simplicity.
  • Tim's Marketing Makeover: All-in with FMS, All Out with the Rest!
  • Simplify Your (Marketing-) Life: One System to Rule Them All!
  • Ditch the Marketing Chaos: Embrace the Simplicity of the FMS...
  • No More Marketing Madness – It's the FMS to the Rescue!
  • Crack the Code to Effortless & Autopilot Leadgen with the FMS...
  • Unleash Your Inner Zen Master of Marketing with the FMS
  • Marketing Doesn't Have to Be a 7-Ring Circus – the FMS Proves It!
  • Your Ticket to Marketing Bliss and Simplicity...

Email body:

Hey [Name],

Meet Tim, the marketing maverick who just pulled off the ultimate marketing heist — replacing ALL his marketing efforts with just 1 simple system!

So, what's Tim's secret sauce? The Freedom Marketing System (FMS) – it's like having a marketing superhero on your team! 🚀

🔥 Tim ditched the juggling act of multiple platforms
🎯 He said farewell to the marketing maze and hello to crystal-clear results
💥 His ROI skyrocketed, and he's never looked back.

Tim's story isn't just inspiring; it's a game-changer for your business! 🌟

Ready to follow in Tim's footsteps and simplify your marketing life? Click below and join the revolution:

🌟 Join The Marketing Revolution with the FMS: [Link]

Cheers to your marketing transformation!
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 6 (Focus: 1 Simple System)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • Effortless Buyer LeadGen with FMS: Your Shortcut to Freedom!
  • Unleash Your Inner Lazy Marketer: FMS Does all the Work...
  • Say Goodbye to Marketing Stress: Let the FMS Lead the Way!
  • FMS: Your Golden Ticket to Effortless Buyer LeadGen
  • Simplify Your Life: FMS Makes Lead Generation a Breeze!
  • FMS + Simplicity = More Time for Fun (and Profit)!

Email body:

Hey [Name],

Imagine a world where marketing is effortless, and buyer leads pour in automatically. It's not a dream; it's the reality with the Freedom Marketing System (FMS)!

- The FMS takes care of the hard work
- You enjoy the rewards
- Say farewell to marketing headaches & confusion

Ready to simplify your marketing life? Click below and let FMS work its magic:

Experience Effortless LeadGen with FMS: [Link]

Cheers to a life where marketing is a breeze!
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 7 (Focus: story & marketing freedom)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • The Epic Saga of a Guy Who Kicked Marketing Chaos to the Curb!
  • The Hilarious Tale of How Marketing Chaos Got Schooled!
  • Once Upon a Time in Marketing Madness: A Comedy...
  • Marketing Mayhem? Nah, We Prefer a Good Laugh!
  • The Guy Who Turned Marketing Into a Circus (Literally)!
  • The Chuckles of a Marketing Maverick's Odyssey...
  • Laughing All the Way from Chaos to Marketing Bliss!

Email body:

Hey [Name],

Imagine this: A guy (let's call him "Marketing Maverick" or just Tim) on a quest to conquer marketing madness. He's surrounded by a jungle of marketing tools, email campaigns gone haywire, and webinars that seem longer than a Netflix series. 🌿

Enter the Freedom Marketing System (FMS), the marketing equivalent of a superhero cape. 💥

Our Marketing Maverick, tired of acrobatics to attract buyers, stumbled upon the FMS by pure chance. It was like finding a treasure map in a fortune cookie! 🥠🗺️

FMS, with its magical powers, swooped in:

🚀 It knew exactly where his ideal buyers were hiding.
💰 It turned click-happy surfers into raving fans (and paying customers).
🤡 And it even made marketing feel like a day at the circus.

Who would've thought marketing could be this amusing? 🎪

So, here's the twist: You don't need a degree in marketing rocket science or a clown wig to succeed. Sometimes, all it takes is discovering one simple system – like the FMS – to turn marketing chaos into a sideshow of laughs and success. 🤹

Ready to join the circus (minus the clown shoes) and embark on your marketing adventure? Click below and be the marketing maverick of your dreams:

🌟 Join the Marketing Carnival with the FMS: [Link]

Cheers to marketing that's as funny as a rubber chicken!
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 8 (Focus: main benefits of the FMS)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • Revolutionize Your Marketing with Freedom Marketing System!
  • Unlock Marketing Mastery with Freedom Marketing System...
  • The Future of Marketing: Freedom Marketing System Unleashed!
  • Boost Your Business with Freedom Marketing System – Here's Exactly How...
  • One Simple System, Endless Possibilities: FMS Revealed!
  • Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy with the FMS...
  • Ready for Effortless Marketing? The FMS Is THE Answer.
  • Simplify Your Marketing Journey with the Freedom Marketing System...
  • Finally: Experience Clarity and Confidence in Your Marketing - with the FMS!

Email body:

Dear [Name],

Discover the power of the Freedom Marketing System (FMS):

- Effortless Lead Generation: Say goodbye to the grind. FMS brings you buyer leads effortlessly.
- Simplified Marketing: Eliminate confusion and streamline your strategy with one simple system.
- Clarity and Confidence: Watch your ROI soar as FMS removes all marketing uncertainty.

Ready for marketing made easy? Click below to transform your business:

🌟 Experience FMS Today: [Link]

Best Regards,
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 9 (Focus: affiliate marketing)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • Affiliate Marketing Revolution with the FMS
  • Elevate Your Affiliate Marketing with the FMS Magic!
  • The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Game Changer: The FMS...
  • FMS: Your Secret Weapon for Affiliate Marketing Excellence!
  • Affiliate Marketing Made Easy: FMS Leads the Way
  • Affiliate Marketing SOS: FMS to the Rescue...
  • Simplifying Marketing? Don't Open If You Enjoy the Chaos!
  • Clarity and Confidence Are Overrated – Said No One Ever!
  • Affiliate Marketing Should Be Complicated, Right?

Email body:

Dear [Name],

Today, let's dive into the world of affiliate marketing...

Affiliate marketing can be an exciting venture, but it comes with its challenges, one of which is the constant hunt for high-quality leads. That's where the FMS truly shines.

The FMS is the secret sauce that affiliate marketers have been waiting for. It revolutionizes the game by providing effortless, autopilot buyer leads generation. You no longer need to spend countless hours prospecting; FMS brings potential buyers to you like clockwork.

Ready to revolutionize your affiliate marketing journey?

Click here to learn more: [Link]

Best Regards,
[Your Name]

Promo-Style Email 10 (Focus: simple marketing strategy & framework)#

Subject lines: (choose the one you like the most)

  • Unlock Simplicity in Marketing with The Proven FMS Strategy!
  • Simplify and Scale: Your New Marketing Strategy Is Covered In The FMS...
  • The Charm of a Proven and Scalable Marketing Strategy – FMS? Hell, yeah!
  • Ready for Success? Discover the Magic of FMS's Ultra-Simple Strategy!
  • Simplify, Scale, Succeed: Your Path with the FMS Framework...

Email body:

Dear [Name],

Marketing doesn't have to be a labyrinth of complexities. It's time to discover the beauty of simplicity with a proven, scalable strategy that works like a charm:

Enter the Freedom Marketing System (FMS)...

The FMS isn't just a tool; it's a proven framework that simplifies your marketing strategy, making it both effective and efficient.

No more guessing games or endless trial and error. The FMS provides a clear path to success.

Imagine this: Your marketing efforts not only work but work exceptionally well. Your strategy is scalable, allowing your business to grow effortlessly. And the charm? It's in the consistent results FMS delivers.

But don't just take my word for it...

It's time for YOU to see it in action!

Click the link below to explore how FMS can simplify your marketing strategy and lead you to success:

🌟 Experience The FMS Today: [Link]

Say goodbye to marketing complexities and hello to a strategy that's simple, proven, scalable, and irresistibly effective.

Your journey to marketing success begins here!

Best Regards,
[Your Name]

More Banners, Swipes, Etc.#

(more coming soon)