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Lazy Commissions#

Lazy Commissions

High-quality course that shows how to make $100 per day with affiliate marketing utilizing "free"/organic traffic.

FREE front-end (high CR) & EPIC value.

Evergreen funnel. Gets consistently updated over time.

If you're looking for an extremely well-converting front-end client attraction & acquisition funnel in the MMO/IM niche, this is it.

Request your affiliate link here

Sales Page & Review Access#

Sales page: here

Review access: here (just "buy" LC for $0.00 and create your own account)

Entire Funnel Including All Funnel Upgrades#

Lazy Commissions - Funnel Overview

  • Front-end: Lazy Commissions ($0) - here
  • Order-bump: Ultimate Marketing Vault ($7) - here
  • Upgrade 1: Secret Affiliate Insider ($9.95/mth or $77/yr or $97/permanent) - here
  • Upgrade 2: VIP Commissions ($97) - here

Offer Stats (2022)#

Offer Feedback & Stats

Updated Offer Stats (2024)#

  • Average customer satisfaction/rating: 4.5 of 5 (200+ reviews "I love it")
  • Sales: 9,000+
  • Eearnings per click (overall): $0.40+
  • Conversion rate: 50%+
  • Refund rate: 0%

Request your affiliate link here

Affiliate Resources#

If you need anything else that you can not find on this page, please get in touch with me:

Here are the affiliate resources:


In order to put yourself in the best position to earn the highest commissions from promoting Lazy Commissions, getting 100% affiliate commissions throughout the entire funnel is the ideal option, plus having access to your buyer's data.
Therefore, we highly recommend you consider getting the VIP Commissions (formerly Special License Rights).

The Best Way To Promote Lazy Commissions As New Affiliate#

In this order:

  1. Go through the training
  2. Get the special license rights here so you're making 100% affiliate commissions throughout the entire funnel, plus you'll get access to your client's data.
  3. Create and publish an honest review about Lazy Commissions & create an individual bonus package. Then, recommend Lazy Commissions using your affiliate link. (You can find - as a starting point - a review below)
  4. Create and publish helpful & honest reviews about similar products, you can find plenty of IM/MMO products being launched every day. Compare those products to Lazy Commissions (quality & price points!), and recommend the better option using your affiliate link. Altnernatively, recommend Lazy Commissions as the "free alternative".
  5. Spread the word on social media, use the banners (see below) and link to your review & individual bonus/bridge page (Complete done-for-you bonus pages available within the Ultimate Marketing Vault)
  6. Alternatively, use a splash page (DFY splash page below) or one of the many other great options, DFY pages, lead magnets, and DFY bonuses (bonus library) within the Ultimate Marketing Vault
  7. If you already have an email list: Create a series of emails promoting Lazy Comissions. (DFY emails in the UMV)
  8. Our own email follow-up will automatically take over promoting the upgrades.
  9. For more promotional ideas: Ask within the Secret Affiliate Insider how other (super) affiliates got sales.

Review Article Of Lazy Commissions#

You can use the following review of Lazy Commissions as a "basis" to create your own, individual review from:


Just "copying" it 1:1 will not be very helpful to your audience, and it might even harm your online reputation.

So make it your own, please.

DFY Bonus/Bridge Pages, DFY Emails, And Much More...#

If you need more, awesome resources & help:

You can find

  • different ready-made bonus pages
  • fresh and unique bonuses in a frequently-updated, dynamic bonus library (incl images, bonus-teaser-text, etc.)
  • a personalized bonus delivery page
  • DFY lead magnets
  • promotional emails
  • tutorials how to edit everything & how to host your pages for free
  • and much more

in the Ultimate Marketing Vault here.

If you need help with the customization of these pages, you can find us here.

Alternative Splash Page Style Sales Page#

You can find the alternative splash page style sales page for Lazy Commissions here.

In order to point your affiliate link to this splash page instead of the sales page, simply replace the /0 of your approved affiliate link with /mjvn3k.

If you need more resources & help:

The Ultimate Marketing Vault

Secret Affiliate Insider

Banners & Graphics#

You can find our ready-to-use banner library here.

In addition, feel free to use the graphics/logos below:

Lazy Commissions - Bundle

Lazy Commissions - Black

Lazy Commissions - White

Subject Lines (For Your Emails)#

  • The Most Straight-Forward Way To $100/Day
  • This Must Be A Joke...
  • [Game Changer] These Guys Are Nuts
  • [Free] Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Can You Afford Free?
  • I Can't Believe The Quality Of This...
  • [Affiliate Marketing] Training for $0.00
  • EPIC Affiliate Marketing Training - For 0.00
  • Complete Affiliate Marketing Training - For Free?!
  • [No Joke] You've Got To See This...
  • I'm Sorry I Didn't Find This Earlier!
  • THIS Changes Everything.
  • [Pre-Launch Special] Currently Free...
  • Free During Pre-Launch: Make 100/day In No Time!

EPIC, DFY Lead Magnet (MMO/IM Niche)#

If you are struggling with the creation of a helpful DFY lead magnet for your audience, check this out:

The Ultimate Marketing Vault

Let Us Do The Telling & Selling For You#

Simply use your affiliate link and get people to the sales page.

The sales page will do a great job at selling Lazy Commissions. (reminder: The front end is completely free)

The funnel will take over from there.

Plus, I will send out 28 follow-up emails automatically & on your behalf. (using raw links so you get 100% affiliate credit for sales generated through your leads)

So just use your affiliate link and focus on getting interested people to the sales page.

Simple as that. 😊